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 Victor the clubby estate

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Victor the clubby estate Empty
PostSubject: Victor the clubby estate   Victor the clubby estate EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 5:36 am

Most of you have met Victor at some point in the past.

Here is an update.

I started building my teardrop trailer to be pulled by Vic, one thing lead to another and I ended up running the UK chapter of an international club
When membership grew a couple of us set up the Teardrop club of Great Britain, It has gone mental with members all over the UK.

The teardrop pushed Victor further and further into the garage, gathering more and more dust..........Until Sunday. I had to move him to my mum`s due to a garage clearout. Over 2 years stood without turning over, jump leads on and a full float chamber he fired first time!!! Brakes are non existant and the clutch is on or off though!

I am hoping to get him back on the road next year, hopefully with a towbar, we will see.

Here he is after a wash......

Victor the clubby estate Mini1

Victor the clubby estate Mini3

Victor the clubby estate Mini4

With the teardrop..

Victor the clubby estate Mini5

Victor the clubby estate Mini6

on his way to my Mums

Victor the clubby estate Mini7

All tucked away again Sad

Victor the clubby estate Mini8
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Victor the clubby estate
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