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 Lee Hare (not a nice guy)!

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Lee Hare (not a nice guy)! Empty
PostSubject: Lee Hare (not a nice guy)!   Lee Hare (not a nice guy)! EmptyWed Nov 23, 2011 1:12 am

Some of you have seen him and I have had welding work done on my Mini by him but be aware if anyone is thinking of getting work done by him that he's a waste of time and money. Evil or Very Mad

Lee Hare (not a nice guy)! Lee

He's messed about welding my Mini. He quoted me a price for work required, then doubled it. Asking for parts/spares around my garage, having meals and use of my PC. Basically he took 3 months to finish what he told me he could do in a fortnight.

He was also using the photo's of my Mini copied from here to advertise his welding work. I told him to remove them and reported him to eBay but he still continued.

I have got other friends, some from this club who have had dealings with him and not one has been satisfied.

SO be warned.
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Lee Hare (not a nice guy)!
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